Success in Any Market, by Anna Moore, Realtist

Having thrived (not just survived) over twenty-three years a RealtorĀ©, there are a few really simple things that keep me going.  Techniques not just good in this market, but especially good.  

  1. Go after your business using Money-Making Activities EVERY day. For me as a listing agent, that means getting back on the street; knocking on doors; letting my farm see that I’m still the one in charge on my farm.  I use a coach and you might want to consider one – someone that not only fine tunes your strategy and guides your tactics but also keeps you on your toes by holding you accountable for events and activities.  We’ve all heard the term a million times.  You know why? Because – we – need – to.  

  2. Treat your clients better – Listen, keep them updated, be transparent.  This is a tough market for buying and selling.  Both sides need the same TLC.  When my clients are happy, they generally say the comments. She Listened; she kept me up to date; I got what I was promised.

  3. Don’t be afraid of the hard pills to swallow – Someone once said, “95% of the job can be done by a reasonably intelligent high school graduate; you’re paid for that other 5%”. This is a tough market with multiple offers, appraisal issues, Pre-approvals that fall out.  Try to anticipate hurdles and be realistic with the client.  Don’t avoid bad news when it happens (and it will). Termites, Inspections, Appraisals, Loan Conditions.  Our job is tough, but we are the professionals.  When you share reality with the confidence of a professional, you’re giving your client the same confidence.  

  4. Let the Universe know you are a business, not just “in” business. Keep you mind positive ALL the time.  We all know this.  And it’s especially important in a whirlwind market like this. 

  5. Celebrate your wins – my own celebration is tithing.  There’s lots of fun in life too, but my wins are from the glory of my Creator, and I share it right back.  I know what I give comes back many-fold. And for me that’s my ultimate celebration

All Glory; All Praise

Anna Moore.  Raised in Los Angeles, and licensed since 1996 Anna has been a consistent top ten agent.  She is past president of the Consolidated Board of Realtists and an advocate for Homeownership leading to Legacy Wealth. Anna is mother of three and a community activist for Education and Home ownership.

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