CAREB Newsletter, June

Macay Carter, RVP San Diego

We did a very poignant event with our own CAREB President, Denise Mathis as part of a panel discussion talking about racial equality and discrimination.  With less than 24 hours into the planning, we had over 100 participants on the zoom meeting, and it was also shared on Facebook and Instagram.   The topics were wide ranging and included important issues like Appraiser bias.  

Stay tuned because the whole thing was such a success that we’re considering doing it monthly on a social media platform and maybe Clubhouse.

Check out CAREB President, Denise Mathis’s Facebook feed scrolling down to April 14 for a quick look.

[editor – no photo’s or links.  Select a open free photo of black people in business environment]

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Fair Housing - Over the years Fair Housing has developed into the heart and gut of Real Estate. 


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