CAREB June, 2021

Stan Jackson, President Movon Realty. 

Realtist Week for Consolidated Board of Realtist.

We were determined to have themed events each day of Realtist week.  And we all came together in a team effort and had a truly successful week.  Here’s what The Consolidated Board did.

To help Consolidated kick off Realtist Week, I got an invitation to speak from the pulpit of Ward AME church, one of the oldest AME churches, to let the congregation know our plans for the week and to invite everyone to join us.  I was also able to make a shout out on the WAVE.  We were going to be busy.

Make Money Mondays. Knolly Williams addressed a full zoom room with the topic, “Learn how I got 1000 listings and you can to.”  Knolly, from Texas, in his signature Stetson hat hoed in on secrets leveraging your brand to Make Money Every day.

On Tuesday we addressed the Inglewood City Council including Mayor James Butts and we got a tremendous opportunity on behalf of all Realtists to thank the city of Inglewood for the support we need from our legislators.

Wednesday was a day of service.  You can see from pictures of the day, that our community came out.  We had giveaways of food, shoes and clothing for families in need.  Our Realtists joined other non-profits, including The Hurting and the Hungry to give away 200 bags of food and necessities of life.  This was truly a day of service to our community.

Thursday continued the learning and information sharing with a with a Multi-Cultural Allaince and Fair Housing Panel with the topic, “The Unfairness of Housing for People of Color”.  There were well over 100 participants.

Saturday came quickly.  After catching a breather on Friday, and we launched a panel group of sponsors on Saturday which climaxed the week allowing our Affiliate Partners some show-and-tell opportunity.  Our proud sponsors covered topics like, Trust Versus Probate, Home Buyer Education, Down Payment Assistance Programs, Credit Tools, First Time Home buyer workshop, Mortgage Relief Program and even Careers in Real Estate.  Saturday was a full day and highly informative day.

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