CAREB Newsletter, June

Leon Freson County

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Realtist Week for the Fresno Chapter, was going to be something for the community.  A really great event that  a great had a big impact for our chapter was a back pack give-away. We had already done one in 2019 so we had experience with it.  But then COVID hit and students weren’t in school anyway.  So we added a twist. [editor add one pic of kids lined up to receive pack backs]

We decided to do the backpack give-away at a charter school, AND add COVID, PPE supplies.  Because we had gathered so much to give away, including over 500 backpacks, it became a media story on the local CBS and ABC television stations where we promoted what we were doing and got all the more community involvement.  This was a huge opportunity to spotlight our chapter and our mission. And it was a huge effort that included thousands of dollars in donations from Office Depot and it was all pulled off in ten days. [editor add remaining several pics to the online link]

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We also did a Legislative Day Round Table that included a sociology professor from Fresno State to talk about the history of Red Lining and zoning restriction policies on the Black community.  We had great speakers, (see flyer) including the Deputy Mayor addressing policy issues and one of our Affiliates, Michael Jackson of Union Bank, talking about Community Reinvestment Act. 

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